Sunday, July 17, 2016

Once Again, It's OK If You're A Republican (Justice)

Antonin Scalia may be gone, but his legacy lives on, in myriad and perverse ways.  For example, during his lifetime, it was not uncommon for him to comment, sometimes at length on political issues, thus exposing himself to the possibiliy of having to recuse himself from ruling on a case before the Supreme Court.  Not, mind you, that he would ever actually do that, even in a situation that all but demanded it.

But let Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak her mind about a man who's never going to be President of the United States (not if there's enough sanity left in this country), and she's all but forced to her knees by the not-so-liberal press.

And, of course, it really doesn't matter that Scalia is a conservative and Ginsberg is a liberal, right? Of course not.  Republicans love being held to high standards.  As long as it's double.

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