Sunday, June 11, 2017

The (Expletive Deleted) Narcissism Of Donald Trump

In my last post for May, I noted that I was writing on Memorial Day weekend, and mentioned the fact that I have three family members--my uncle, my cousin, and my father-in-law--who all served our country in uniform.  My uncle, in particular, stands out in my mind, even though I never knew him. He was a successful athlete and scholar in high school, but was drafted, shipped out to Europe and killed in action during the Battle of the Bulge.  My father-in-law also served in Europe, on D-Day and in the Battle of the Bulge.  He came back, and lived to the age of 90 with two broken vertebrae broken in combat.  He never complained, and always told me (and others) that he wasn't a hero, that the real heroes were the ones that didn't come back.  And my cousin served in Vietnam; although he came back, he ultimately died from cancer he likely developed through exposure to Agent Orange.

I take issue with my father-in-law's assessment.  They're all heroes.  They put their lives on the line for all of us.  They all had to make varying degrees of compromise with life as a result.  I know the pain that leaves behind; for my mother and aunt, the loss of my uncle in World War II was a life-defining experience.  I think all of us need to find ways to make the dreams of those who didn't get to pursue them come true, however we can do that.

Which is why I find the self-absorption of our current pathetic excuse for a Commander-in-Chief beyond belief and beneath contempt.  For his first D-Day in the Oval Office, he went on Twitter not to commemorate the fallen and the sacrifices made by their families, but to vent his various and largely imaginary grievances at the media, the part of our society that put his miserable life on the map in the first place.  It's all here.

With this insult to those members of our society who should have respect above anyone else, on top of the muddled, likely criminal mess that he's made out of his Administration, Trump should no longer be given any benefit of the doubt.  He has no true constituency--only 46% of the voting public who would vote a turnip into office if it had an "R" after it's name on the ballot.  That, and a lot of sad, desperate people who were willing to believe his promises just because they sounded so go.

Donald Trump's entire history has been a study in epic self-absorption.  He doesn't care, and never will care, about anything and/or anyone except Donald Trump.  He is a menace to all of us, even to his supporters.  He would just as soon blow the world up, if he could somehow convince himself that the survivors (if any) would serve him with unquestioned loyalty.

The fallen spit on you, Donald Trump.  And so do I.

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