Sunday, March 5, 2017

Is Kansas Finally Waking Up?

You remember Kansas.  For most of us, much of our lives, it was mainly the place from which Dorothy and Toto were snatched by a tornado to be deposited in the Land of Oz.  The way things have been going there over the past several years, it's a wonder that everyone in the state isn't praying for tornadoes.

Sam Brownback went from representing the state in the U.S. Senate to the governor's chair, determined to prove once and for all that Reaganomics worked everywhere it was applied.  He cut taxes.  He cut spending.  He told all of us to stand back and wait for the economic miracle to appear.

Well, if there was an economic miracle to wait for here, its name could only be Godot.  But, as far as most Kansans are concerned, a better name for it would be Disaster.  Or, more specifically, Bankruptcy.

But then, like Dorothy's house falling out of the sky to kill the Witch of the East, a miracle occurred. Kansans got angry with a falling state credit rating and a collapsing state school system, among other things.  And, even more amazingly, they connected this anger to its proper source: the tax cuts and the idiots who supported them.  And so, there is now hope that the tax cuts will be repealed, without the help of Brownback, who is cowardly allowing the state legislature to bail him and themselves out of his misery.

You can read about it here.  You can even read about something more amazing here:  Kansas legislators embracing the idea of accepting the Obamacare expansion of Medicare!

Toto, I've got a funny feeling Kansas isn't "in Kansas" anymore.  Let's hope not, anyway.

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