Monday, February 27, 2017

Well, Gee, Ross, Then You Should Have Voted For Hillary

I mean, seriously.

Ross Douthat, one of the New York Times' nods to conservatism in its Op-Ed pages, decides, five weeks into the Trump nightmare, that a plan that puts displaced workers to work using a mix of tax cuts and additional spending, even if that means adding to the national debt, because, well, civilization is worth it?

Well, as George Will is fond of saying.

I've got bad news for you, Ross.  There was a candidate in the race last fall who would happily have signed off on such a proposal.  In fact, her campaign was largely organized around the kind of thinking you're now proposing.  As are the positions of most Democrats in Congress.

You may have heard of this candidate, Ross.  Her name was Hillary Clinton.  And she would have been more than happy to work with you and many like-minded souls, if you and those souls hadn't spent all of that time agonizing over whether or not to make the supreme sacrifice of abandoning any hope for America's future, for the sake of preserving the short-term existence of the Republican Party.

But you didn't care.  The enemy--and that's how you and your fellow-travellers think of the other side, Ross--can never be an opportunity for collaboration.  Why, that would mean deciding that being an American would be more important than being a conservative.

But, now that ol' Hillary's gone for good (presumably), and an all-GOP government is assured, it's safe to take middle-of-the-road Democratic thinking and re-brand it as mainstream Republicanism.

The question is, will Herr Twitler let you do it?  Don't count on it, Ross.  He doesn't care about you any more than you really care about him.  You guys are Republicans.  In the end, you only care about yourselves.

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