Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Glass Ceiling May Yet Break, After All

After Hillary Clinton's defeat, the people I felt sorry for the most were all of the women who had invested so much time, energy and money into her historic campaign.  I worried that they might feel so discouraged (and understandably so) about the outcome that it would be a long time before we would witness any kind of sustained effort by women to run for office on a national scale.

Turns out my worrying was for nothing.  If anything, the presence of the misogynistic Trump in the White House seems to have motivated women to double down on their willingness to run for office.
Take a look.

Women represent a majority of the population.  If anything, the House and Senate should both have majorities of women.  And we should have had a female President long before Hillary's candidacy. For my part, I would like to think that I'm as enthusiastic a backer of woman's rights and issues as any man can be.  But, like other men, I can't have the same understanding of those rights and issues that women have.  We need them in public life--all the more so in the age of Trump.

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