Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thank You, Jennifer Rubin

Thank you, that is, for once again proving that a conservative is someone who just hasn't caught up to the liberals yet.

More specifically, I'm referring to this column by Ms. Rubin.

Along with a lot of other media observers, I've been saying for years that decades of bullying by conservatives against the so-called "liberal press" (most of which was owned by conservatives) has turned the former Fourth Estate into a timid shadow of its former self, constantly manufacturing false equivalencies for the sake of trying to get the bullies off of its back.  And, in the process, only encouraging the bullies to bully harder--by manufacturing their own media outlets that have no interests in equivalencies at all.  Only in propaganda.

And, in the process by which all of the foregoing has unfolded, something very important was lost. We used to refer to it as "the truth."  Something which does not have a left-wing or right-wing bias, but something that cannot be escaped.  Not by denial, not by false equivalencies, not by propaganda, and no, not even by bullying.  The truth simply doesn't care.  It simply exists.  And you let your biases, right or left, ignore it at your peril.

Jennifer Rubin concedes this, more or less, but doesn't seem to have a clue as to what to do about it.

I have a suggestion.  One that we can all embrace.

Let's all agree that there are two things more important that being a conservative or a liberal.  One is being an American.  And, beyond that, being a member of the human race.

If we can focus on both of those things, maybe, just maybe, we can all find a way to stumble back to the truth.

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