Sunday, August 21, 2016

It Takes A Village Of Women To Break A Glass Ceiling

It's too early to count electoral chickens but, at this point, the possibility of needing to say "Madame President" next year seems very real.  But, as Hillary Clinton would be the first to point out, this potential reality is not (or will not) be a single-handed accomplishment, should it happen.  If Secretary Clinton does end up standing in the Oval Office next January, she will be standing on the shoulders of many, many women whose talent and tenacity broke all of the glass ceilings that stood below the Presidency.

No one post could pay tribute to all of those women.  It would take more bits, bytes and bandwidth than I can count to do so.  I can easily cite any number of examples, as I'm sure you can too.  Here, courtesy (sadly) of the obituary page of the New York Times, is one important example.  Well done, Susan M. Baer.

And well done to my wife, Cynthia Rosenberg, an important example in her own way.  Whatever good exists in my life is because of her, and the qualities that enabled her to become the success that she's become.  That's her story; I'll let her tell it in her own way, on her own time.

But all of us, men and women, should be grateful for such women, as well as for the men and women who support them.

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