Saturday, June 25, 2016

White Justice, Black Justice = No Justice

A tale of two young men in 21st-century America.

Both of them college athletes.  Both found guilty by the criminal justice system of raping unconscious women.  And both of them sentenced for their crimes.

But that's where the road diverges in two directions in the narrow woods of American justice. Because one of the young men is serving a mandatory sentence of 15 to 25 years in prison.  The other young man was only sentenced to six months, with the prospect of only having to serve perhaps half of that sentence.

One of these young men is white.  One of these young men is black.  Guess which one got the stiffer sentence?

Not much of a guess, is it?  Not in an America where a bigoted businessman can parlay his lack of experience, and his hatred, into a full-scale campaign for the Presidency of the United States, uncovering the rancid bigotry of a major American party in the process.

There will be no justice in America as long as there is racial disparity in sentencing.  None. At. All.

We all need to fight this.  For all of our sakes.

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