Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Well, Does He Want The Job Or Not?

Apparently, Donald Trump wants his Vice President to be an apprentice.

Thanks to the always-reliable Rachel Maddow, we now know that there are large portions of the job for which Trump is running that he doesn't want to actually handle.  The Donald would rather function more as a "big-picture" type, leaving the messy details of day-to-day responsibility to his Veep, whom he would apparently regard as little more than an underling, despite his or her status as the second-most powerful person in the country.  And an elected official in any case.

But, in this scenario, is that a status that Trump would actually recognize?

What it, for example, at some early point in his presidency, an aspect of his job that he's "handed off" to his Vice President goes haywire?  And boy, is that easy to imagine.

Does Trump step up and take responsibility?  You've got to be kidding.  This is Donald Trump, who gave the TV world "The Apprentice."  He'll tell the Veep "You're fired!"  Then he'll move on to another would-be details person.  Or, at least, try to.  Because he has no concept of how constitutional government is different from running a real estate empire, or a TV show.

And, in any event, this "big-picture" mode of operating begs the further question of what parts of the job does Donald not like, or want to get involved with.  And how does that disinterest affect those who have a burning interest in those parts of the job?  To say nothing of the rest of us.

If you have decided, or will decide, to vote for someone who doesn't even want to do the job he's asking you to elect him to, you have only yourselves to blame.  Except that, if you do, I suspect you'll be dragging down a lot of innocent people with you.  And they may not be very forgiving.  Of Donald, or of you.

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