Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where Are The American Workers Willing To Take Jobs Back From Immigrants?

Nowhere, as it turns out.  Certainly not in Pennsylvania, whose farmers have a rather disturbing message for Americans:

You're lazy.

Well, of course, they don't exactly put it that way.  But that's the essential message of the farmers quoted here, who say that, despite good wages and the supposed existence of American citizens willing to do back-breaking, hours-long manual labor, gosh darn it, they just can't find these people who supposedly exist.  Turns out they'd rather work at McDonald's, where they can stay indoors, enjoy the air conditioning, and (perhaps) occasionally snack on the food.

Or, in other words, they're as lazy as they are apparently racist.

Because immigrants are quite literally dying to do this work, if only we'd let them.  And the bottom line is quite literally that the work needs to be done.  So that we can eat.  So that at least some of the food that gets picked ends up in a McDonald's salad or two.

Why not let them?  Would it help if they were from Canada?  Would it, in other words, helped if they, er, looked and sounded more like "us"?

It's time we got over ourselves.  The economy is global.  Money has long since learned to move around the earth at the speed of light.  It would be nice if people could be allowed to move around the world at the speed of a McDonald's drive-through line.

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