Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Global Leadership Can Come From The Smallest Places

Take the tiny island of Palau, a nation the size of Philadelphia and policing a portion of ocean the size of Texas. You can read about its efforts here.

The author points out the obvious, of course:  that what Palau is doing needs to be replicated all over the world if the efforts to save our oceans, and our planet, are to have any chance of succeeding.  But it also notes how Palau's efforts are inspiring other nations to take similar steps.

That fact alone should serve as a reminder that apathy is our greatest enemy, when it comes to fighting climate change or taking on any problem humans face anywhere.  It's easy to say that one person, or one country, can't solve a national or international problem.  It's harder to take the leap of faith that is required to get past the apathy of being "one person," and remembering that every worthwhile human endeavor has always started with "one person."  Or group. Or nation.

Somebody's got to start in order for the rest of us to finish.  Let's all strive to finish what Palau has started so magnificently.

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