Saturday, March 24, 2012

So Much For "Liberal" Hollywood

By now, everyone in America has heard about the book and now-movie, "The Hunger Games," even people like me who never even knew the book existed until TV commercials for the film started popping up a few weeks ago.  What may only be known to readers of the book, however, is that its depiction of futuristic fascism propped up by the slaughter of innocents is, as written, a parable on the consequences of global warming, which (in the book's future history) is largely what led to the chaos that in turn led to the plutocracy called Panem.

Hmm ... global warming leads to fascism.  Just the sort of thing that those supposed "lefties" in Hollywood can't wait to rush to the screen, right?  Just one problem:  the global warming angle is "barely mentioned" in the film.

It may be the case that, post-"Waterworld," studio executives decided that there's no box-office in environmental messages, "An Inconvenient Truth" notwithstanding.  But that's just the point:  Hollywood isn't about promoting anyone's political message.  It's about making money.  Which is why conservatives should take the abject failure at the box office of "Atlas Shrugged" seriously.  In the marketplace of ideas and money, they're two-time losers.

And it's why, one day, there will be films about global warming and its impact.  Because global warming is real.  Whether you like it or not.

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