Sunday, January 15, 2012

And Proof That Michael Nitwit Never Had One

It amazes me that anyone can start a column by talking about the moral necessity of failure in capitalism (a point with which I agree), and then launch into a full-throated defense of Mitt Romney without once noting the fact that the Mitt Romneys of the world were bailed out by government in the Great Recession--first by the Bush Administration, and then (sadly) by the very same Obama Administration denounced here as "demanding robbery, carried out by the government under the pretense of morality."

Sorry, Mike, but Romney is a vulture capitalist, one who makes a living entirely by privatizing profits and socializing losses.  In each case, the investors get the goldmine and everyone else gets the shaft.  How in the world does someone like Goodwin get away with considering himself a Democrat?

Government must either help everyone or help no one.  And socialism for the rich is the worst kind of socialism of all.

And Goodwin should read this before writing another dishonest puff-piece on Romney's behalf.

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