Saturday, April 2, 2011

Maine Used To Be A Sensible State

That was back when it produced Republicans like William Cohen, as well as Democrats like George Mitchell.  Unfortunately, it's no longer that kind of state.  It's just elected a governor who claims that his state's labor department should not have a mural representing workers, because it's too "one-sided."

Huh?  It's a labor department.  It's one of dozens of state agencies that represent and address the needs of different constituencies, including businesses.  Take a look.  This is fascism masquerading as an appeal to diversity.

The irony is that, according to the linked article, one person compared the mural to the indoctrination tactics of North Korea.  In fact, the removal of the mural is a better comparison to those tactics.  Repressive regimes make their opponents disappear.  The removal of this mural is, essentially, one small step in that direction.  You may want to wait around and see how many other steps LePage wants to take.  But his defense of his actions is so inherently dishonest that I wouldn't bet on moderation.

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