Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Few Clarifying Comments From Vice President Stephens

Never heard of him?  Well, that may not be surprising.  He was never a Vice President of the United States of America.

He was, however, the Vice President of the Confederate States of America.  In that capacity, he offered a stirring defense of the Confederate constitution and its formal preservation of the institution of slavery, going so far as to concede that slavery was the cause of the Confederacy's formation.  So much for the standard-issue, latter-day right-wing defenses of secession as being concerned with states' rights.  Lest I be accused of offering this information without proof, I invite you to click here.  I doubt, however, that this information, being factual in nature, will do much to influence the views of those who prefer to believe, rather than to think.

Frankly, this is why Obama could sit in the Oval Office for four years doing nothing but twiddling his thumbs, and still have a historic Presidency.  The presence of an African American in the Oval Office simultaneously exposes the hypocrisy and racism of contemporary American conservatism.  Why has it transformed its views on deficit spending almost overnight?  Because a man they believe to be an inferior being, based on the color of his skin, is doing it.  And it doesn't help matters that he has, in fact, done far more than twiddle his thumbs:  he has co-opted them on issue after issue after issue, from health care to taxes to the Middle East.

I mean, seriously.  If you were a closet plantationist, yearning for the restoration of the Old Ways, wouldn't this get under your exceedingly white skin?  Thought so.

Thanks, Vice President Stephens, for helping us to understand this.  You may be dead but, sadly, the same cannot be said of the Old South.  Let's hope and pray that it never finds a way to rise again.

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