Monday, January 31, 2011

Random End-Of-The-Month Thoughts

And so, the State of the Union has come and gone.  Well, all I can say is that Obama may not be everything we hoped that he could be, he's certainly a far more effective speaker and leader than anyone in the hapless (and I mean REALLY hapless) opposition, as unably represented by Paul "The National Debt Is Killing My Sinuses" Ryan and Michele "Where IS That Camera?" Bachmann.  Good grief.  If these are the GOP's rising stars, all that proves is that their sun has completely set, their House majority notwithstanding.  Sorry, folks, but it's not going to be Morning in America anytime soon.

Other observations:

Say this for the now-departed Michael Steele:  he doesn't lack for self-esteem.  Nor should he, given the performance of his party in last November's election.  But I can't shake the feeling that the GOP couldn't wait to replace him with a chairperson of a lighter hue.  Reince Pribus?  Where DO they get these people?  To say nothing of what the hell's the matter with Wisconsin?

As for the newly-empowered Republican state governments, they apparently can't wait to cut their own throats.  Haven't they ever heard of the gender gap?  Then, there's this example of burning the village in order to save it.  You wonder how much longer Obama will feel that he can afford to be reasonable with criminals like these.

Especially since they've learned absolutely nothing from Tuscon.  Thankfully, Beck's ratings are plunging through the basement.  They can't hit bottom fast enough.

On the bright side, we won't have Joe Lieberman to kick around anymore, thankfully.  Yes, I appreciated his work on behalf of the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."  But, overall, he was a complete anchor around the neck of Democrats and progressive causes.  And one of the worst narcissists in politics; he had the audacity to compare himself to John Kennedy in announcing his exit.  He would do well to consider what happened the last time a sitting Senator made that comparison.

And Sarah Palin's squeaky-clean image took yet another hit.

And an obnoxious example of big government (racist Republican edition) came tumbling down to reality.

There's a small degree of common sense in red America on the subject of taxes.  Maybe in purple America, too.

And Bill Maher has now said what I've been saying for years:  that America's most financially successful sport uses socialism as its business model.  Franchise owners of the world, unite!

Last, but not least, there's Egypt.  It may yet turn out like 1979 Iran.  But I've got a hunch it will be more like 1989 Europe.  Democracy doesn't need an imperial America to plant itself; it needs a nation, and a people, willing to take a chance on letting it grow.

It's been a amazing first month of 2011.  I've got a feeling that this will be a year of surprises.  Hopefully, for the most part, good ones.


FugueStateKnits said...

Steve, do you think Canada would have any use for an old fart attorney from Merlin? (not talking about you, LOL!)

Stephen R. Rourke said...

Please don't leave, Joan! Although I have to admit that Ireland, their troubles notwithstanding, still looks better and better to me all the time!