Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Silver Bullet That Could Kill Trump's Support

Thirty-six percent.

That's where Donald Trump's popular support has bottomed out.

But it's holding.  Seemingly nothing can budge it any further.  And this phenomenon has the folks in legacy media spellbound.  They send reports out to Trump country to find out how Trump is able to retain his hold on these people.

What do they find out?

Not much.  To these folks, all of the stories about the chaos and corruption in the Trump White House is so much media noise, Washington nonsense, or whatever winger cliche works at any given moment.  Doesn't matter to them.  Their guy is Making America Great Again, signing executive orders, giving fiery speeches, ticking off all the people they love to hate.  That's all that counts. They voted for him partly because he was white (unlike the other guy), but also because he promised he would bring all of the good blue-collar jobs back. They count on him to keep his word when it comes to that.  They know it'll happen, sooner or later.  It's only been six months.

Only six months.  But, as it turns out, things have been happening on the jobs front. The blue-collar jobs front, that is.

They're continuing to leave.

Remember that triumphant moment during the transition period when Trump went to Indiana and boasted about saving factory jobs from leaving for Mexico?

Guess what?

They're going anyway.  And the company's keeping all of the state aid that it got to keep the jobs here.

There's your billionaire hero for you, folks.

Another year of that, and not even racism will be able to keep you in the Trump camp.

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