Monday, February 27, 2017

THIS Is The Sort Of Thing That Makes America Exceptional

No, not attacks on Jewish cemeteries.  Sadly, that is very unexceptional.  But what about Muslims raising money to repair the damage from such an attack?  Over $91,000, to be precise?

Well, it actually has happened, so let's talk about that for a second.

We have, at the moment, a President and a Congress who believe that the solution to our security problems is to ban an entire class of people, based on a demographic characteristic that supposedly predicts this class of people to be a public menace.  Specifically, their religion.  And never mind the fact that any such ban, as applied to citizens, would be facially unconstitutional.

As currently designed by the President and as supported by the Congress, this ban would not even apply to all nationalities whose populations, on a majority basis, follow the religion in question.  It would only apply to nationalities that have been shown to have never launched an attack against the U.S.. What about nations that have done so, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia?  Well, those nations have construction projects being built by the real estate company still owned and, for all practical purposes, controlled by the President, who has declared himself to have no conflicts of interest (even when he does).

This makes the President, and the Congress that supports him in this, decidedly unexceptional.  It puts them both in line with nearly every despotism, past and present, on the face of this planet.

And the Muslims who are rebuilding the Jewish cemetery?  They're just trying to act the way they've been told that Americans act in a crisis, by coming together with those in need, even if they are different.

I can't think of a more magnificent, and exceptional act, than the one being performed by these Muslims.  Maybe the rest of us should have more faith in the impact of living here than is true of our President and Congress.  They're the ones behaving like a menace.

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