Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It Really Is As Bad As You Think

There's nothing like information from an insider to tell you about what's really going on in Washington.  And, thanks to digital technology, it's never been easier to share than information.

With that in mind, I offer these excepts from a Twitter account set up by a mid-level staffer in the Trump White House.  It's tempting to react to the excepts as a spoof, and some of them almost read that way.  But it appears to be the real deal--that is, before the account disappeared.  One hopes that its author does not suffer a similar fate.

At any rate, if you've followed the exploits of Donald Trump for any significant length of time, is there anything in these tweets that's particularly surprising?  They expose him as vain, insecure, disrespectful of facts that get in the way of what he wants, and utterly undisciplined.  And yet, he's your President for the next four years.

G-d help us all.

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