Sunday, November 20, 2016

Never Trump? Not When There's Power To Be Had!

I recognize that it may be hard to remember the world before Election Day; I can assure you that it feels like an eternity ago to me.  But I do remember, more than vaguely, that a number of opinion writers in both the Republican Party and the conservative movement were openly and loudly a part of what was called the "Never Trump" movement, a movement that objected to Trump's campaign on the ground that, in both form and substance, it offended conservative principles and brought shame on a party attempting to reach out to the broadest possible number of Americans.

Well, that was then and, for the Republicans, this is victoriously now.  Jeepers creepers, but it's amazing how stumbling into control of the federal government can make you say, well, principles and outreach be damned.

Bill Kristol?  John Podhoretz?  Ross Douthat?  George F. briefing-book-thief Will?  Check, check, check, and check.  All of them formerly ready to spew Trump out of their mouths, and now all too anxious to suck up to him.  Will, in particular, has been especially two-faced about it, still-half heartedly talking the President-elect down but very eager to give him advice about what this nation needs most--like reviving the Keystone XL pipeline project.  George, for real?  This was yesterday's battle, and the rest of the nation has moved on from it.  What's next?  Impeaching Earl Warren? Unleashing Chiang Kai-shek?  On the other hand, if you want to see a seriously brazen 180-degree turn on The Donald, take a look at Charles Krauthammer's latest.

This is why I appreciate Jennifer Rubin's willingness to stick to her guns and still call out Trump with the vehemence she expressed before the election.  And, even now, she may not be alone.

Let's hope that there are more conservatives like them, who are truly prepared to put America first. And, as liberals but even more as Americans, let's be prepared to join them.

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