Sunday, July 31, 2016

Once Again, The Cheerleading Corporate Media Miss The Boat

It isn't surprising that it took Web outlets (check here, here, here, and here) to uncover the real substance behind the WikiLeaks dump of DNC e-mails that revealed DNC staffers exploring ways to give Hillary a campaign advantage in the primaries.  For the record, Bernie Sanders says that he lost fairly to Hillary and still supporters her.  That didn't matter to the corporate cheerleaders at the legacy broadcast and cable outlets, who, at the bidding of their masters, kept the Hillary-vs.-Bernie story going for as long as possible.

Until the Web outlets noted that the leaked e-mails had apparently been run through Russian servers. Meaning that the hacking of the e-mails was done by the Russians.  Meaning, of course, that it was done at the behest of Vladimir Putin.  "Worse than Watergate," indeed; a foreign government attempting to influence the outcome of a presidential election.  It's been no secret that American conservatives admire Putin greatly, and (in the case of Trump) have connections to him.  Now, we have proof that the admiration and the connections may threaten the existence of this country.  Still think there's a false equivalency between Hillary and Trump?

But what else would you expect from the corporate cheerleaders?  They're still so puzzled by the seeming disconnect between Obama's rising popularity and the fact that most people still think the country's on the wrong track.  News flash, guys and gals:  The Republicans control Congress and a majority of state governments!  There's your wrong track.  And, as long as you keep missing the real news, the country's going to ride that track right off the rails.

Paging Mr. Stewart, Mr. Jon Stewart ...

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