Saturday, June 25, 2016

Which Is Worse? The Hypocrisy? Or The Danger?

Yes, folks, this actually happened.

And the rest of us are left to wonder, among other things, whose hypocrisy is greater.  The hypocrisy of a United States Senator, using Scripture to pray for the death of the sitting President?  Or the crowd of "conservative Christians," who laughed at the "joke."  Both violated the bounds of decency. And neither the Senator nor the crowd is in a position to identify with a man who suffered for the sins of many, having declared themselves willing to laugh for the sake of Christ at the thought of slaying the elected leader of their nation.  And too, in the Senator's case, there's his oath of office, which he violated in spirit, if not in fact.  Who knows what else he might violate?

On the other hand, the danger that may be foreshadowed by this incident may be even greater than hypocrisy.  We've already seen how, in Great Britain, a country formerly renowned for its civility, an M.P. can be shot to death for her political views, and the side on which the assailant was working won.  Who knows what political issue on that sceptered isle will next be resolved by a bullet?

And who knows how the example set by Jo Cox's murderer will be repeated here, accross the proverbial pond?

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