Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Donald Trump, Climate Hypocrite

Unless you are (and I hope you aren't) part of the just-smart-enough-to-hold-water crowd that thinks Donald Trump is the answer to all of our problems (instead of the other way around), you might wonder why, in typing the headline above, I've bothered to qualify "hypocrite" with the adjective "climate."  Seriously, Donald is such a hypocrite in so many important ways that perhaps any adjective would be superfluous.

Except that climate change is the single biggest problem the human species faces.  It is the one threat that no nation, no people, no single human can afford to ignore.  Left alone, perhaps "imagined" out of our consciousness, it will not leave any of us alone.  It will change our lives in ways that we simply cannot afford.  And, in many cases, it will not save lives.  It will cost them.

Outwardly, Donald doesn't care.  His response when someone brings the issue up?  "Give me a break," he says.  It's a "hoax."

But if you believe, as I do, that actions speak louder than words, please take a look at this.  And tell me how much of a "hoax" you think he thinks it really is.

And then, ask yourself if you can afford to do anything--or not do anything--to stop the awful possibility of his prospective presidency from becoming a reality.

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