Saturday, June 30, 2012

Taking This Country Backwards, One Letter At A Time

If he can't spell it, he can't lead it.  And trust me, one way or another, he won't.

Even Conservatives Are Disgusted With Conservatism

Don't take my word for it.  Take his.

Bank Of America? Or Mexico?

More like Bank of the Philippines, or anywhere BUT America.

An idiot who fire me from a show I was working on because my wife and I practice immigration law told me he called the Bank of America the Bank of Mexico, because the branch nearest him had a lot of "Mexican" customers.  Actually, most of them are here from former Communist Central American countries (and lawfully, with work authorization).  But, like I said, he's an idiot.

On the other hand, since he comes from money, you wonder what he thinks of BoA's outsourcing.  More money in his pocket, I guess.  I'm not completely opposed to outsourcing, but I am completely opposed to socialism for the rich, and BoA's conduct is a prime illustration of why I feel that way.  Don't take public money if you're going to shaft the public with it.

Greatness Comes In Many Forms

Including those who are willing to save our planet, our history and our culture at the same time.  If you've ever been in the neighborhoods of any of our older cities, and wonder why there are so many well-preserved brownstones, think about this man and say, "Thank you."

You Don't Have To Go To The Theatre To See "Les Miserables"

All you have to do is move to Louisiana.


Even if it takes a little help from the unlikeliest of sources, namely, the Chief Justice.  I guess this is God's way of keeping the rest of us humble;-)!

I'll have more to say about the decision, how I think it came about and the political reaction to it in a couple of days, after my beautiful new granddaughter comes home and we finish celebrating our son's graduation from his master's program in counseling.  Until then, all I can say is that it appears that, sometimes, our system still works!  But, to continue paraphrasing the later President Ford, our long national nightmare is far from over.  So, faint hearts to the rear, and forward for the rest of us!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cutting Spending Is Good! Or Is It?

Even Republicans can't decide.

Here's a simple solution:  Cut the spending and tax breaks that subsidize the rich and give the rest of us nothing in return.  Think they'll do that?  Me neither.

If Corporations Are "People," They Certainly Aren't Patriots

Just ask Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln and both Roosevelts.

I mean, two of those men were REPUBLICANS, for crying out loud!

And Even Wearing Two Faces Can't Save It

Certainly not where women are concerned.  You can't slime Sandra Fluke and then shelter your own female spokesperson from sliming.  Although I'll admit that, when it comes to slime, no one can teach Larry Flynt anything.

Conservatism Dies Upon Contact With The Truth

Thus, a conservative politician who is also a doctor is forced to sound like a liberal in defending his profession's near-monopoly on medical treatment.  Right, Senator Coburn?  Right, as opposed to extremely right.

Those Who Would Be Great Must Choose To Be Humble

Barack Obama obviously believes this.

Click here for the article from which this is taken.  And, if you can imagine Mitt Romney doing this, you've got a more daring imagination that I have!

What Can Labor Win If It Backs Obama's Re-Election?

According to this, it should ask for one thing:  making unionism a human right.  I couldn't agree more.  It's simple and to the point.  Ultimately, it would do more in the long run (and, perhaps, even in the short run) than the EFCA would have done.  The history of the Civil Rights Act, and the year-in year-out efforts of the far right to undermine the Act, bears that out.

And I might add that along the way, like the Act, it would be a boon for all of us starving lawyers;-).  Hey, we're job-creators, too!

Want To Know How To Deal With A Political Bully?

Just ask public officials in Hawaii.  It's obvious that Obama learned a lot from living there.

And, by the way, being born there.

Can Brains Win In An Ignorant County?

What I've always liked about Obama is the fact that he clearly believes the answer to that question to be "yes."  Thankfully, for the purposes of his re-election campaign, that hasn't changed.

I hope and pray that he's right.

"The Common Defense" Is Green

This article shows why.  It also serves to illustrate why the Tea Party Congress has an approval rating of 18 percent.  As long as its guiding principle is to oppose everything it doesn't propose, its place in the seat of power is a menace to the Republic--and, possibly, the planet.

An Honest Billionaire ...

... one who doesn't think he's a job creator.

In a related story, a herd of pigs was seen hovering over Hell, filling up ice buckets.

Gee, Maybe He Should Run As A Republican (Part 2)

After all, a Republican who could do all of this would be hailed as another Reagan.

Except, of course, for the fact that Reagan never did any of it.  Oh, well, there I go again, blaming conservatives first for the lies they tell.

Here's To Those Who Don't Give Up On The Future

We will always have a future, as long there are people like this, willing to go boldly into it.  (Sorry, Trekkers; I believe in correct grammar.)

"History Teaches Us, But We Never Learn"

That's what my mother likes to say, and she's absolutely right.  Here, courtesy of, are "6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About The Founding Of America."

Is it a coincidence that the lies strongly favor white Europeans?  I don't think so.  What I appreciate the most is the point that is made about the Boston Tea Party raiders being dressed like Native Americans.  Makes you wonder why their so-called "latter day descendants" in the Tea Party dress like Tories.  Doesn't it?

How Much Longer Can We Ignore The Science Of Our Self-Destruction?

Not much longer, it seems.  I guess the United States can take some cold comfort from the fact that, among the greediest users of the world's resources, we're only number five.  See what happens when you put a Democrat in the White House?  It really does get better!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Give Them All TPS, Already!

Thank you, Times editors.  Doing this would go a long way toward CIR.

UPDATE, 06/23/12:  Never mind the Times editors, THANK YOU, BARACK!  More later.

The Environment Is The Solution, Not The Problem (Part 2)

Yet another example, courtesy of The New York Times Magazine.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gee, Maybe He Should Run As A Republican

After all, he's done all of the things that they keep talking about, but never do anything about, because they're too busy raising money to pay for the next round of lies.

The Environment Is The Solution, Not The Problem

Plastic-eating fungi?  Who would have thought of it?  Nature is clearly a whole lot smarter than the rest of us.

Vive la France!

Where austerity is already on its way out.

Austerity Is Dead

And, apparently, it took The Wall Street Journal to kill it.  But don't imagine that it will die an easy death this fall.  Romney and his fellow GOP travelers will continue to push it, as long as they can convince their base that some other sucker (the Democrats) will be the ones who will pay for it.

The problem is that, if they win, we will all pay for it.  And we will have gone from being a banana republic to being a sucker's paradise.  What's left after that?  Will Bain Capital then break up the United States and auction off the remaining parts to the rest of the world?

Think, people!  And organize!  And vote!

What Else Would You Expect From The Only State To Support McGovern?

If you had the intestinal fortitude to work on that "children's crusade" known as the George McGovern campaign 40 years ago (as I am proud to say I did), you have known ever since then that this is true.

On The Other Hand, Something We ALL Can Agree Upon

Even the Post thinks that big banks should be broken up.  You want a winning election issue, Obama?  Get behind this one!

After all, even the Republicans are showing signs of taking this hint.

A Split "Post"?

On one side, John Crudele, who understands that Wall Street isn't virtuous enough to police itself.  On the other, Terry Keenan, pushing the ridiculous idea that government drives Wall Street to corruption.

News flash, Terry:  Wall Street drove itself there four years ago, while the government was looking the other way.  That dog won't even stand up, let alone hunt.

That's the choice this year:  loyalty to the truth, or loyalty to Rupert Murdoch.  I report, you decide.  But, if you choose Murdoch, don't expect my respect.

This Is Why The "Center" Cannot Hold

And why attempts to achieve "centrist" solutions are exercises in futility.  Because one party is not interested in solutions, but only in power.  And that party will break its own word to hold onto it.