Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gun Nuts Don't Love The Second Amendment, Or Even Guns

They love power.  Which is why they're willing to put the lives of police officers at stake, as is happening in Indiana.  And it's why the overwhelming majority of police officers favor gun laws.

Note to so-called strict constructionists:  The police officers are the modern equivalent of the "well-regulated militia" that the Second Amendment was created to protect, before Nino Scalia decided to amend it from the bench.  They have every right to demand better gun laws, and do.  It's the gun nuts who are the anti-Constitutionalists.  I won't make the argument for shooting them all, but I also won't stop anyone else from doing it, either.

And I may just buy a gun of my own one of these days, if for no other reason so that history can record who was the better shot.  I'm not betting on the other guy.

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