Sunday, March 18, 2012

Before March Slips Away ...

... there are a lot of things to catch up on.  It's been a very busy past few weeks, both personally and politically. 

Let's get started with the possibility that Obama may be the master of Trojan Horse politics.  He's received a lot of criticism from the left for not pushing a health care bill that enshrined single-payer insurance, or at least a "public option," in American life.  But maybe what he was really aiming for was a back-door approach that made single-pay not the law, but an inevitability.  Take a look.

Frankly, I think that the back-door approach may be the only one that works in this political world.  The other side will always have all of the resources to stop a frontal attack.  But they're either too arrogant or stupid (perhaps both) to think about all the other directions from which change can come.  We'll never be able to outspend them, but we can always outthink them.

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