Sunday, January 1, 2012

Proof That George Will Has Lost His Mind

It's right here.  Before a single Republican primary vote is cast, he effectively concedes the presidential election to Obama.

But don't worry, conservatives.  The energy companies are doing well, and the GOP will control both houses of Congress, effectively allowing conservatives to run the country.

I'm not sure how the prosperity of energy companies is going to help the Republican brand image.  Even if it were true, it's just another argument for government to not be in the pockets of energy companies.  And if there's one thing that unifies Occupiers and Teabags, it's hatred of the corporate control of government.

The certainty about one-party control of Congress is, however, something I might concede.  Except that I don't think it's going to be your party, George.  Not on the basis of recent polls.

As for Will's observation that the Republicans' presidential problem can be solved with a better nominating process, good luck with that.  If there was a credible conservative leader out there somewhere, what was stopping him or her from stepping forward?  As a matter of fact, the current crop of candidates features two very credible candidates:  Gary Johnson and Jon Huntsman.  Taken together, the two of them can barely get to 5% in most polls.

The problem isn't with the process, George.  You should know that, from all of your years of needling the Democrats as being obsessed with "process."  The problem is with conservatism itself.  Thanks to the presence of the first African-American in the White House, it has degenerated into what it has always been at heart:  a male WASP country club.  And it's not as if I'm the only one saying this.

This election, and the next two elections, will not save you and your cronies, George.  I think it's going to take at least another generation for Republicans to get their act together and develop an approach to conservatism that works in a culturally liberal country.  In the meantime, stick to writing about baseball.  You don't do that very well, either, but it's more entertaining.

And, above all, no more stealing of briefing books.  Bad boy!;-)

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