Friday, December 30, 2011

"I Know How To Beat Republicans"

So says former GOP staff member Mike Lofgren, here.  Stick with a simple theme and pound it over and over.  In other words, despite his obvious disenchantment with his party, he's still an advocate of bumper-sticker politics, the one thing the GOP does best.

I think what progressives really need to do is to stop talking to each other and start talking to the people on the other side of the divide.  And stick to doing that, day in and day out.  We have better arguments, but we spend all of our time sharpening them against each other, rather than the people whose lives would be better if we didn't let the Rush Limbaughs of the world turn us into cartoons.  They can't turn us into cartoons if we become daily fixtures in the lives of their followers.

Will we spend all of 2012 licking our wounds?  Or will we realize that that which does not kill us makes us stronger--strong enough, in any case, to engage those who disagree with us, and perhaps persuade them to agree on enough good ideas to turn them into reality?

I'm hoping for the latter.  I think it would be truly audacious.  It might be the revolution America needs.

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