Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Countries (Apologies To Dickens)

It is the best of times in Iceland, where the people have remembered that the people are supposed to rule, and done something about it.

It is also the best of times in Libya, as Qaddafi is being shown the door he has deserved for decades.  But, in another sense, it is also the worst of times, as the population slowly but surely comes to terms with the fact that more than four decades of their nation's life, and their individual lives, were wasted through the worship of a false idol.

Which country sounds more like the United States?  You're right (but only if you picked option number two).  In fifty years, we have gone from being all Berliners to all Tripoli residents.  We just all haven't figured it out yet.  I worry that we never will.

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