Saturday, April 9, 2011

Obama Is Lucky In His Enemies ...

... and Tim Pawlenty is a case in point.  But what makes this story about his cap-and-trade flip-flop especially worth a look is this quote, from the comments section:

"If you're a Democrat running for office, flip-flopping is a sin.

If you're a Republican running for office, flip-flopping is a way of life."

Obama is lucky:  the Republican field arraying against him seems to almost be working to re-elect him to a second term that, as of this point, he has not fully earned (IMHO).  He needs to learn to fight before he compromises; it makes the compromise easier and less painful, as Indiana Democrats recently proved.  But the rest of America is deeply unlucky, as long as this sort of doublethink is acceptable for one side and not the other.

For me, it's not the conservatism.  It's the hypocrisy.  God will not bless America if it continues.

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