Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Actually, Ms. Keenan, They're Really Evil

Believe it or not, I occasionally enjoy reading the New York Post.  As odious as its editorial and op-ed pages are, its business and sports pages have good writers.  Every so often, however, one of those writers reminds you that, personal intelligence aside, he or she cashes a paycheck that's signed by Rupert Murdock.

In the most recent case, it's Terry Keenan, who also works for Fox as well as the Post.  According to her latest column, liberals hate the Koch brothers because liberals are just corrupt, hypocritical cynics who recoil before the brothers' allegedly courageous war against America's fiscal crisis, which can only be cured by cutting both benefits and taxes. 

Never mind the fact that both have been relentlessly cut for years, or the fact that we wouldn't have a fiscal crisis except for the fact that we wouldn't HAVE a fiscal crisis if Koch-supported politicians hadn't already cut taxes and fought two wars on borrowed money that our grandchildren will have to pay off.  Ms Keenan, if you really want to know why liberals hate the Koch brothers, take a look at this.

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